Friday, November 28, 2008

Not my little mister

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Earlier this week I post about finding an egg that had been laid in one of the love bird cages and promised to share a picture of which one it was. Talk about setting up a perfect thing for Feline and Furball with Feather's Friday post! Puff the Mighty Eagle is the one with the eggs! My little mister isn't a mister, and since all of us have gotten used to referring to Puff as little mister or little man, it has thrown us all off. Since Puff is the lovebird with a cage all to herself, I'm sure that these are infertile eggs that she is laying. I'm hoping since she is so young that it will not be a whole clutch of 5-6 eggs that she feels the need to lay, but right now the count is at 2. As a precaution to avoid her feeling the need to keep laying them till she has a full clutch I have opted to keep the eggs in the cage with her, going with the idea that when she no longer is so defensive of them I will remove them. So far all I have seen her wanting to do with them is play soccer around the bottom of the cage with them, and fight anyone that gets to close to the cage. My little princess bird that makes me laugh so much with her daily antics has been getting the spoiling treatment that comes from this Mom whenever she thinks any of her kids just aren't feeling so great. I'm pretty sure that Puff is getting tired of me keeping such a close watch on her, and yes I have even asked her more than a couple of times this week if she is alright. Oh and laugh about that one all you want, but Puff has this eerie way of nodding her head yes to things a times.

Alright it is time for everyone to head over to visit Steve and Pickle again because it is Feline and Furball Friday. I you want to play along too all you have to do is post your own and leave a link in comments. Since I'm posting way early today I will have to come back later and update with the link over to Steve and Pickle. I hope that everyone has a good turkey day recovery Friday!

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