Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting Close Up

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For as stressed as last week may have been around here, this week has been completely relaxed. My really happy for the week, other than getting to spend time with hubby who was on leave, was Eclipse allowing close up pictures to be taken of her. To make them even better she even looked right at the camera for a couple of them. Of course being given the chance to capture them I took lots of pictures of kitty, heaven knows when she will be willing to give me the opportunity to do it again. Know if I could just get Miss Angel to sit somewhere other than in the dark area's of the house so I can maybe get some good close ups of her also.

It is Friday so that means time to head over to Steve and Pickle's for Feline & Furball Friday. If you want to play along just post your own and leave a link in comments. I will come back later today to post the link over to Steve and Pickle once they have theirs posted. I hope that everyone has had a great week, and that the weekend is a very relaxing one.

Link to Steve & Pickle's Feline & Furball Friday

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