Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sibling Sunday

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Just missing one of the siblings for this picture, oh wait she would have to come out of her room to be a part of the picture! It has been a long week here in Arizona, a good one, but a long one none the less. Binky Sue and Sweetpea will be heading back to school tomorrow which is going to be a good thing really. I love all of the girls very much, but a week spent with two teen girls who can literally fight about anything and everything under the sun is just way to much. I found out this weekend that they can even fight with each other while in their own rooms and chatting online! Now that is really something I guess. Once again I say thank goodness they head back to school tomorrow.

Little Bug had a good week this past week though. Her clear EEG results, turning 13, going shopping with birthday money. The last part of her shopping trip will happen tomorrow after we get Binky Sue dropped off for her baby sitting job.

Next Saturday I have a senior portrait shot to do which I'm oh so very excited about. Which reminds me for family that reads I need to know what size photo's you want of Binky Sue's portraits. It has gotten put off longer than I really wanted to but Binky Sue keeps talking about wanting to re-shoot something, and then doesn't, and then does, and now I'm not going to. Gosh I love that teen baby girl of mine, either she just doesn't know what she wants or she is trying to make me feel like I've lost my mind. What was I talking about originally? Oh yeah...senior portraits next weekend. I'm excited about shooting them because he wants to do some outside portraits and right away I thought of the canyon area's. All those great places to go shoot that Binky Sue wanted no part of for her's. His Dad is happy to find someone that isn't going to charge an arm and a leg for them, and there is a possibility that this could lead to more portrait jobs. WOOHOO!! Army Guy helped me this weekend to set up some stuff in the now empty dinning room area that will lead to much quicker set abilities for portraits. I got a chance to play with some lights that had be given to me, and figure out best places for them. Oh if you ask Binky Sue, I blinded her in the process of trying to get the lighting set just right.

Anyway, sorry for the kind of rambling Sunday post here tonight. After having the two big girls home this week I'm feeling a bit on the scatter brained side here. I hope that everyone has had a great weekend, and that there is a good week just waiting for us all.

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