Wednesday, October 8, 2008

48 hours

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Little Bug doesn't know it yet, but in less than 48 hours she will be one very tired little girl. She has an EEG scheduled for Friday morning in Tucson. We are not doing a 72 hour ambulatory EEG, just a sleep deprived same day one. Oh wait...sleep deprived for her means sleep deprived for me too! Well thank goodness Army Guy has Friday off because he is going to have to do the driving up there and back. The real fun part of this is going to be keeping her awake for the hour and a half drive up there Friday morning. Heck it should be fun keeping myself awake on the ride up there. Little Bug should be happy that it will just be the one day and not having to wear the equipment for 72 hours. I know that I'm happy that in case no one remembers to call me with results or get back to me in the next couple of weeks, her next doctors appointment is the day before Thanksgiving, so no waiting 3 months to hear what the EEG showed. For just a little more added fun I have to take her this afternoon to get some blood work done, which she also doesn't know and for a very good reason! Her and Sweetpea are my pass out kids when it comes to getting blood work done, and if they know in advance they will have themselves completely freaked out before we even get to the lab.

Anyway, the Mom in me is hoping that this is a clear EEG, but in light of everything that has gone on here with Little Bug I'm doubting it will be. I happy with how quickly this EEG has been set up, just not real thrilled with the fact that I had to sink to such a mean level to get someone to finally listen to me. Oh well...every now and then we all have to sink to a mean level to get the results that should have just been common sense.

I hope that everyone finds some calm in their week, based on reading my list of regular blogs, there doesn't seem to be a lot of calm going on.

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