Sunday, October 12, 2008

Relaxing Sibling Sunday

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Our weather has taken a very wonderful turn to cooler temperatures for the weekend because of hurricane Norbert. It is noon here and only 60 degrees, with wonderful breeze and giving me the chance to turn the air conditioner off for the very first time since...May? Such a pretty day is finding everyone in this house just relaxing. There have been some chores done like laundry and dishes, but other than that not much is getting done here today. I think after this last week we all have earned a day to just chill out.

The whole family will be home for a long weekend this week. Binky Sue and Sweetpea will be home for the whole week due to fall break time. The first quarter of school was done on Friday, and the first report cards should be coming in very soon here. Little Bug is not happy once again about the fact that her sister's have fall break during her birthday, but that is only because she would like to have the week off. Speaking of Little Bug, there are only 3 days till her 13th birthday. The last of my girls will be a teenager come Wednesday! Since she still has yet to tell me anything that she wants for presents I'm probably going to spend Wednesday running the million errands trying to find things for gifts, and her dinner meal. Usually with Little Bug I have the list months in advance, for some reason this year she hasn't been as kind to Mom...maybe something to do with being a teenager this year.

Since we are so relaxed here this weekend, there really isn't all that much for typing about. I hope that everyone is having a great Sunday, and that the coming week is good for all of us.

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