Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sometimes I wonder

In general I tend to keep some topics off of my blogs, not for any one reason in particular, but just because I do. Every now and then though I run into something that I feel strongly enough about and feel the need to post about it. Today is one of those days here. My mornings tend to get started the same way every day, get up, take Mia out for a quick trip, make sure big girls are up and moving for the day, get some coffee, and sit down and read news stories. It is a routine that I love, and a perfect way for me to start each day. Some days as I sit and read I end up shaking my head, wondering why in the world for some of the stories. This morning I'm shaking my head just wondering why? Illegal immigration is a huge topic anymore. It is one of the biggest topics in news here daily and has been since we got here three years ago. Everyone has opinions on what should or shouldn't be done about it, but all of the opinions just tend to lead to long drawn out war of words on the topic. I'm not saying that I have an answer to this one, but some kind of action has got to be better than nothing at all. Personal experience here, when Chey's seizures were so out of control and we were daily in ER trying to get her admitted, we didn't because hospital beds were all full, nurses and doctors had no issues pointing out reason why to us. Illegal immigrants who were here and cant be turned away when needing health care. I know that once Chey was finally admitted, her first room mate was an illegal, because on the day that she was released border patrol was there to take the family. Have you ever sat in and ER for 6-8 hours only to be told that because some illegals were injured coming across that night that your wait just added another 4-6 hours? This is a HUGE issue here! The last couple of months reading news I have seen stories about a new border fence through a known high traffic area here. They start getting everything in place and then environmentalist are throwing a fit because of where it really needs to go through. So all work stops and the legal battle begins. In the mean time the news still gets stories much like this one or worse KVOA Tucson . I understand the want to save the environment, but the biggest question I have is at what cost? People die coming across that border, people die from being killed by someone coming across that border. I understand that a fence will stop some animals from being able to come across, but I think it it time to look at a little bigger picture here people.
Sierra Vista The Herald

Now I don't believe that this one little fence going up here is going to stop this. Like I said before I don't know just what will. I don't have any issue with people who chose to come to this country via legal means. Heck I'm all for that, if you want to become a United States citizen the legal way, that is wonderful. To other people that want it all means of preventing the illegal crossings, because a few animals aren't going to be able to get across. Take a drive through the high traffic areas and take a look and the trash being dropped through the desert. I don't think that is going to do a world of good for the environment. It just brings up the question yet again of at what cost to human life do we go to to save animals?

These are just my own thoughts on this here today. Hate them, like them, it really doesn't matter to me because it is my blog, and just something that I wanted to post about.

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