Sunday, October 21, 2007

All Dressed Up

Last night was the homecoming dance at the high school. So there was a lot of playing dress up going on here last night. Actually the whole day kind of centered around getting ready to go to the homecoming for Steph. We of course had to make a morning trip out to buy some "stuff Mom". Oh how this child knows just how to talk her Mom into being the one paying for things. They all know just what to do and say, but Steph with having 16 plus years under her belt really knows just what to do. Which was okay since I had in advance prepared myself for just that very thing. (I'm slow sometimes but I have learned just where my cave in point comes into play with any of my girls.) I think since I didn't have to buy a dress and shoes, someone got it in her head that I should cover everything else, and boy what a list of stuff it was. Next time I think I will just buy the dress and shoe, it may cost less in the long run.

If you cant notice it in the first picture, take a really close look at this one. It's her hair that you need to be paying very close attention to. It is no longer the blonde/brown color. Yesterday Steph decided that she wanted to get her hair done, but not is some kind of up do, or fancy curled thing that you would think for homecoming. She wanted to change color totally!! She now has hair colored cinnaberry or auburn with her natural color doing an awesome job of adding some great highlights to it. As an after thought now she wants to get her hair cut in a different style, so sometime in the next couple of days we will be doing that.
Homecoming was lots of fun according to Steph, and good grief after driving her out there to drop her off and pick her back up, I would say they had a great turn out for it. I think at least 3/4 of the 3300 student body showed up for homecoming this year. I was just really happy to see the police out in the parking lots to direct the traffic for this one. I'm also hoping that in light of all the deaths that the school has had due to drunk driving teens this year, that everyone was smart last night and made it home safe and not in a hospital ER. Steph went without date with group of friends, and left before the 11:30 end of the dance. She had fun and enjoyed showing off her new hair color to everyone.
I hope that everyone is having a great weekend, and that all of those who had homecoming dances this weekend had a great time.

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