Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cheybug Wednesday

Cheybug Wednesday brings us to the topic of Cheyenne! Chey's most favorite birthday present...her pj's that say "It's all about me...Deal with it!" Her second favorite is her new hoodie that says "Obey me...You'll be happier!"

Chey had a good birthday Monday and loved her presents. Chey has always loved her birthday rolling around, and always manages to figure out a way to make it last longer than just the one day. She is the baby of the family and loves to be the center of attention as much as possible. Who wouldn't love that though? She loves the fact that one her birthday it is a rule in the house that siblings spend time with you, being the youngest she doesn't get a lot of times where the teens of the house have time for her. It's not that they don't love their baby sister, they just love spending time with friends or other things more. So what better than to make them pose with her for a picture with them in choke holds by her? Well, we couldn't think of anything better, and since this is "All about her" they are just going to have to "Deal with it".

I hope that everyone has had a good day, and I'll be back tomorrow with Binky Sue's topic and maybe some pictures from out at Parker Canyon Lake that I shot today.

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