Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good morning everyone! We have a very early Sunday morning Sibling Sunday thing going on here today. The hot air balloons are in town here this weekend, and this morning was the early morning lift off. We skipped the night time glow again this year and instead went out shopping for Halloween stuff. This morning it was up to each child as to whether or not they wanted to go out. The youngest two of course wanted to go out and see the balloons this morning. Steph...I not quiet sure just why she went. It was a thing of she wanted to go but really would have rather been sleeping warm in her bed this morning. So whenever I pointed the camera at her this morning she crossed her arms and did her very best pouty look. I think her thought were that she should only be up so very early on school days and not on the weekends.

The early morning lift off was not as impressive as the last couple of years. Usually they are all setting up and taking off in groups of three of more. This morning it was one at a time and with huge delays in between. Maybe they were all to tired and pouting about getting going so early this morning too. We should brought them some of the coffee or coco that got most of us going this morning. Perfect morning out there though, with temperature of 60 degrees and the sun rising just perfect. I really love when the balloons are in town, makes for a great start to a Sunday morning.

I will post some pictures of this years special balloon later in the day after I get a chance to go through all of the pictures that I shot this morning. I hope that everyone has a great start to their Sunday and has a wonderful last day of the weekend.

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