Thursday, October 18, 2007

Binky Sue

Well, it is time for Binky Sue and her topic for the day. Dishes is her topic and just how much she hated the fact that tonight was her night for the chore. Of course she doesn't mind showing off her dishes that she got in her hope chest for her sweet sixteen. Those are clean though and not stacked in the sink needing to be loaded into anything other than back into the chest. Her reason for not liking the dishes so much tonight was it was a second night of full sink here in the house. She is the quickest of the three getting this chore done, and I'm sure come tomorrow and Saturday she will do more than her fair share of dirty dish or three since he two days this week are done and over with now.
Steph really did try with this pick the topic yourself thing, but would rather have one already set for her next week. Actually if anyone has any topics they would like to suggest that would be great. Everyone have a great Friday and hopefully I can get the cats to work with me for some Feline Friday shots.

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