Monday, October 22, 2007

Open the back door

I had a surprise waiting for me on my back door stoop this morning when I was taking Trinity outside. This poor little guy looked like the wind had just about killed him and if not the wind then our outside temperature of 45 maybe was trying to. I have no idea how old this little guy is but he didn't seem to be having a real great time out there this morning. So I got puppies put in beds, and made sure that the cats were shut in my bedroom doing their typical morning sunning of themselves and bird watching, and brought this little guy in the house. I don't have any milkweed handy so I sliced some fruit up and put it on a small plate with a little bit of water on it also. (Not sure if this one was going to care at all, but since being up at the butterfly exhibit in Tucson it was the first thing that came to mind.) The Monarch responded well to it, and sat there for a good while seeming to drink and maybe eat, and pump its wings up and down for a good while. Then it started to adventure away from the plate and across the kitchen cabinets. Trying to take off in flight just once and ending up on the floor after failing, I just figured I would give this some time. More sitting on the plate and pumping its wings and more wandering and then I heard the sounds of cats fighting and complaining about wanting out of the back room area. The monarch is now out on the enclosed front patio which yes is cooler than in here today, but seems to be more than happy to sit and sun on the petrified wood pieces that are out there.

The winds are supposed to be gusting all day long here and the high is only supposed to get into the mid to high 60s, so I'm thinking that for today this little guy will be much safer in the patio area, and if he can stand it I have placed the plate with sliced bananas and some water out there. Tomorrow we are supposed to be warmer and have less wind so maybe he can continue his journey to where ever he was trying to get today before being taken down by the weather. I hope so anyway, because he is just way to beautiful to let die. Anyway, now it seems I can add butterfly rescuer to my list of hats I wear in this life. I hope that everyone had a great day, a wonderful week, and don't forget to look out your back door every now and then to see the beautiful things in this world.

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