Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Doing things a little different

I'm going to be doing a little different posting for the girls this week since last night I didn't get around to doing the first one. Whatever the topic was supposed to be has now been totally forgotten. If any of you could have been in this house last night you either would have been laughing, or would have joined the "girly" screaming that was going on here. For the first time there was a tarantula in MY house! I don't mind so much the tarantula highway that opens up in the back yard during certain times of the year, but I can not deal with one of them deciding to drop in for a visit! It was a male, much like the one that I posted a picture of the other day. The truth is that Steph, Chey and myself are totally terrified of spiders. Paige is scared of them but her great fascination with certain one's help to calm her some. Trying to keep two cats and two dogs away from the thing, while trying to either get the courage to capture or kill the thing was the real fun part last night. Suddenly no animal understood the word no and get away. Steph and Chey were standing on the couch screaming, Paige was standing on the couch talking about how cool it was, but could I please not kill and just capture it and put it back outside. Oh what a cute picture I'm sure we all would have made last night.

Tarantula's get mad when chased or cornered, which made it difficult to figure out just what to do, and I kept finding myself thinking "I WANT MY HUSBAND HOME NOW!" If you can, try to picture flying furniture so as to be able to not lose sight of this huge hairy thing, screaming kids, hyper animals trying to help Mom catch the new play toy, and Mom to the point of tears ready to just pack up and leave the house and let the spider have it! Yes, I was actually thinking about just leaving and letting the tarantula and all his hairy scary friends just have the house last night. At some point in time you just have to make a choice about which would be easier. Anyway, I caught the hairy thing. Paige and her yelling of "Please don't kill it" won. Why? I have no clue as to why, probably because I know if I had killed it last night she would have cried and what Mom wants to do that? Or maybe because my fear of just making it mad because I tried to kill it won out. Either way it was returned to the tarantula highway in the back yard area last night at about 9:30. How did something so big get in the house? Well, it would seem that when one of the girls took Mia out for me last night, they left the back door cracked open and no one noticed it till after we saw what came walking in.

I can tell you that we all slept with lights on last night, and that I ended up with two kids in bed with me. Steph was one of them and since that hasn't happened since she was maybe 3, you know she had to have been scared. Today I'm going to be making a call to the "Bug Man" and see about getting him out here to put down some of his wonderful stuff to keep them away. I'm going to have to come up with a different area to take the dogs out to for about 72 hours after he comes out, but if it moves the tarantula highway out of my fenced in back yard area it will be worth it. I don't think I'm going to be sleeping real well for the rest of this week and heck maybe the rest of the time till Todd gets back home. I'm pretty sure when I close my eyes I'm going to be hearing the sounds of one of these things walking. Oh yeah, you can hear them walking by the way and on tiled floors, it is a sound that once you hear it you will never forget it. Funny thing though, I still so love my Arizona, I just really want the wild things of Arizona to stay out in the wild!

I think tomorrow I will post with all three girls for their fun facts, once we remember just what in the world the topic was going to be for this week. I hope that everyone is having a great week!

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