Saturday, October 6, 2007

Odd posting week

This has ended up being just one of those odd weeks. I have been in full blown bug killing mode, because of the much cooler temps that have rolled in this week. I think every bug in Arizona has passed through my back yard and tried to even get into the house this week. It's not just the bugs this year that are making their presence known with the cooler temps, I have ton of mole holes in the back yard again suddenly and smaller tunnel holes for what I'm starting to think my be field mice or something else of that size and nature.

The end of the first quarter of school came Friday for all of the girls. Steph and Paige will be on fall break this coming week, and Chey is still very upset about the fact that the base schools don't do fall break. So she will be off Monday and then off to school for the rest of the week. The big girls will be getting to help Mom get a few things done around here though since Daddy will be heading back home come next Sunday!! I want to make sure that all of the normal things that get done on the weekends around here are all done so that once he gets home we can just sit and do nothing but enjoy some time as a family.

Chey's birthday is steam rolling up on us here, and she has started the non stop asking of "So what am I getting for my birthday?" So of course we all have to come up with our own funny replies to give to her. Of course she isn't finding most of them to funny at all. Little bug just is tired of hearing all the same answers as every other year that she asks the question. I guess maybe for next year we should all work on some new one's. I'm just happy to see the last birthday of the year for my house roll around. Means the holidays are coming up fast, and the end of the year.

I'm going to try to get things back on track here for posting. Hopefully this week will be a little better for that. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend with people you love.

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