Monday, August 27, 2007

Wandering the back yard

Good morning Monday! The last of the dark storm clouds seem to have cleared out of the area, bringing us a very bright and already very warm start to the week. So what do you do on a Monday morning when you are trying to fight off the after effects of migraine medicine that you had to take the night before? Well, I of course pick up my camera and go out in the back yard and wander around looking for something to shot a picture of. Because my hope is that if I can get my mind to work to be able to shot a decent picture then maybe I can get past this drugged up feeling sometime today.
I'm not sure just what kind of tree this is, but I love the tiny white blooms that I just noticed this year. It has made this tree very popular with the butterflies, bees, flies, birds. Oh heck let's face it...this tree is just very popular. If I'm remembering right this is the one tree that stayed green through the winter also, I don't really remember it losing any of its leaves. I really like this one, and would rather have it be the one that sat in the fence line rather than the one that we do have. Don't shade is shade in Arizona, but if I'm going to look crazy wandering around with my camera taking pictures, I would rather have it right in my own back yard than up close to the neighbors house.
I hope this week is off to a good start for everyone, and that it brings good things to all of us.
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