Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Mistakes?

Big mistakes? Maybe I should have kept one of those for myself. Oh right...those probably won't work for my mental mistakes. Seems I forgot just how to read a calendar at some point in time last week. I have appointments down on the right date but in my head I have the dates on the wrong days of the week. Maybe if I eat some of the chocolate that Todd sent to us last week it will help. Dad got the erasers for the girls since I mentioned that I need to pick some up for school year. I never dreamed that they made them that big though. The girls loved them! They made all of us laugh about the things that Dad can find every now and then. The chocolate is going quickly and if I don't hide some of it I'm sure that I'm not going to get any of it. With the way things seem to be going this week I may need a hidden stash of chocolate just to get me through. I hope this week is treating everyone well, and that it won't be a week that just drags on and on.

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