Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm not sharing!

I had a difficult couple of day with Eclipse and food this week. She wanted her dry food and till Wednesday all I had was canned. Angel loved the canned food enough for both of them though. The dry food ran out last Thursday, and due to needing to really wait for the pay day Wednesday, Eclipse was a very not happy kitty cat. Come Monday morning before Chey and I had to leave for the day I had to stand guard over Eclipse to make sure that she ate finally and that Angel didn't do push her out of the way thing again. Angel was the very not happy kitty cat with me because of not letting her near the food, but Eclipse finally ate, and seemed to take forever doing it just to further irritate her sister. You know like sister often do. These two brat cats have dealt me on heck of a week of attitude, but Monday was the only day that I got some pictures of them.
It is Friday again, which means time for the felines to come out and play over at Steve's. So head on over there and check them all out. Everyone have a great weekend!

Feline Friday

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Anonymous said...

"like sister often do" Haha.

We have some older, slowly eating cats, and when they get fish or fresh meat we also have to protect them against our other fast eating 'tigers'.

Have a great weekend and hugs for the feline sisters! :)