Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First Day of School

Ahh...the first day of school. Which yes is very much done and over now for all of the girls, but I figured I would wait to post about their day till after it was done. Poor Paige here had on heck of a day to start her 10 grade year, and I don't think it is going to get much better for her. If I had to pick a teacher this year that is going to deal with full blown "Pagie" attitude, I'm betting it is going to be her biology teacher this year. After reading through his "information sheet" that he typed up about his class, I'm even more sure that if Paige decides to give the attitude it will require Mom stepping in, and based on the wording of this information sheet I don't particularly care for this teacher already. For everyone that has known me a good while, you know if I don't like someone already, there is a good reason as to why. I'm going to be hopeful though, who knows maybe it will be the English teacher instead, who I think believes she is some kind of comedian. Anyway, I'm hoping that Paige has a better day tomorrow, and that the teacher that offender her so much will learn by tomorrow that sometimes keeping opinions to himself is a very good thing.

Cheyenne on the other hand had an excellent first day of school. According to her being in 7th grade is great because she wasn't worried about her first day in the middle school. Her only complaint is about the fact that since she is the third child going through that school, that all of the teachers knew her as soon as she walked into classes. She got all of the "cool" teachers that he sisters had before her, and just in general had a great first day of school. My hopes for Cheyenne this school year are to see her just have a great school year, and miss no days of school due to the Epilepsy this year. Speaking of which we have her next appointment with her neurologist in Tucson next Monday. She will miss enough school due to appointments that she has to have, so let her have a good health year otherwise. I already know that in February she will have to do another 72 hour EEG, and I believe that on Monday we will have to talk about having another MRI done. But that will be a post for after her appointment next week.

I know a bit photo heavy here, but time for Stephanie. She had a great start to her 11th grade, but never one to pass on a make you laugh minute, she couldn't pass up on clinging to my leg this morning begging me to not make her go to school. She started trying last night with the talk me out of making her go to school. Really funny thing is that she is the same child that not that many years ago faked not being sick but drinking ice water before having her temperature taken. She chose and got a pretty heavy class load this year and I'm hoping that she doesn't burn herself up before the end of this school year. All in all she had a good day though, there are some rule changes for school that neither her or I agree with, and there are some clothing rule changes that she didn't like at all, but teachers she likes and that is always a good thing.
That's all of them and with that the 2007-2008 school year is off and running. To quickly if you ask me, but hopefully it will be a good year and summer will come again just as quickly. I hope everyone is having a good week.

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