Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Siblings

Well considering that the week got off to a pretty rocky start, I'm glad that by yesterday all was well under the roof here. Actually I was just more happy about the fact that we still had a roof here! Some days two teenage girls living under the same roof can have some very bad side effects.

The IEP's for the year are done, and Thursday I got the last of Steph's test results and not only is math above level her reading and writing are too. So that means across the board for the first time that she is no longer behind on any level. Paige has made some great progress also, and we are keeping her IEP just to keep so that she has a place to go and hide out when she feels to overwhelmed with everything. So tomorrow they start their thrid week of school and all is off and running very well so far. Chey is back in drama club this year, and is doing very well with the lowering of her depakote that we did this week. I have only seen a bit of an increase in her sleeping seizures, but I think that may have had a lot more to do with the cold that she was fighting off this week.

We are nearing the one month down on Todd's TDY to Colorado, which mean only a month and a half left to go till not only he is home but getting home on Chey's birthday. True to recruiting form it has sounded like he has had some very interesting days doing the job. We will all be happy to have him back home, but I think I will like it the most. I'm a little tired of having to fight with the mower and the weed eater to get them to work! Okay that isn't the only reason I miss...I also need that "scary guy" that live here to get back home to help keep all of the neighbor kids out from under our carport! Okay, okay, okay...those aren't the only reasons why, but I really do need some help with those two things.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing well, and has enjoyed a quiet good weekend.

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