Monday, August 6, 2007

Our head in the clouds

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We have some very low cloud here this morning. The girls like to see the clouds low like this so they can "Our heads are in the clouds today Mom". The rain just keep coming here. I posted on the first of about having just about 9 inches of rain in the month of July, and as of this morning we have added another 3 inches to that count. I keep hearing on the weather reports that the pattern is going to break here soon, but they have been saying that for about a week now. Last week there was a funnel cloud spotted over the Huachuca mountains which are in the pictures background covered by the clouds. As of this morning the local paper is filled with more stories of just what all of the flooding is doing to the roads, the washes that have been totally washed out, more rock slides, and mud slides. I've enjoyed the rain and seeing everything turn green, but we really need to have a couple days break from this. I'm hoping for sometime this week the get in the car and head out to Garden Canyon and see just how full the creek is out there, but I need the rain to stop for a couple of day to be able to drive through the washes to get out there.

Today marks the last two days of the girls summer vacation, come this time Wednesday morning they will all be off for their first day of school. Summer has gone by so quickly this year. Chey cant wait for school to get started and the older two would rather not have to do it already. I'm torn on it, there is a part of me that says it is time for them to get going again and another side of me that says it just wasn't long enough. Anyway, I hope everyone has a good start to the week.

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