Friday, August 3, 2007

Find a place to hide out

What do you do if you are a feline and Mom is on a cleaning spree moving furniture around? Well, Angel and Eclipse are pretty used to this and say find a nice dark room with a really warm blankie and curl up for the day. You stay out of the way, and make it really difficult for Mom to find for getting pictures for Feline Friday.

The sister cats have pretty much spent the whole day hiding out in my room away from the moving furniture and the mopping of floors going on here today. Which will be fine because come tomorrow it will be time for them to find a new hiding spot so I can work on the room.

It is time for the felines over at Steve's, so head on over and check them all out. To play along just make a post and leave a link to your our site.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Feline Friday

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Anonymous said...

Angel and Eclipse are such sweet and well behaved cats! Our cats don't want to miss a thing of the cleaning thing every day.:)

Have a great weekend!