Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sibling Sunday

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Finally a picture of one of the siblings. This entry will probably not be all that long of one, but since Binky Sue had such a happy week it really needs to be shared. Binky Sue got a job! So needless to say that after spending the whole summer looking and hoping to get one she is very thrilled. Monday she walked into open interview times and she walked out being hired. She will be hostess at a soon new to be opened restaurant. The name of the new restaurant? My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. She did her orientation Thursday and this Tuesday starts her training. They are not officially open till the 5th of October, but do have some events starting next weekend. Binky Sue has her black, on black, with black uniform all set, and really can not wait to get started. She is also getting close to being done with her first term math class, which I think she is happy about because doing the 8 week version versus the 16 week course has been pretty insane on the homework side.

Sweetpea, and Little Bug continue to be just settled in for the quarter which is quickly nearing an end here. Little Bug has been keeping Mom busy with the seemingly never ending "Mom can I go here?" or "Can I go do this?". This weekend was her first football game with friends and I can say that she and her friend had way to much sugar and made it feel as if there was something wrong with my car because of the bouncing around. I got them home though and at some point in time in the wee hours of the morning they both actually finally slept.

Alright that is it for this week. I know I could probably do more but instead I'm going to get back to sitting chilling out watching a football game with Army Guy here tonight. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend spent with those that you care the most about.

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