Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lazy Sibling Sunday

I wish that I had some great picture to post, but I don't. Wish I had some great stories about the siblings to post, but I don't. It has just been really pretty quiet around here the last couple of weeks. Everyone is settled into school year routines and there just isn't all that much going on right now. Well, other than the never ending amount of time spent in the car transporting back and forth to things. I think today will probably be a very lazy Sunday since it is raining and has been since the wee early hours of the morning. No sun tends to equal very lazy day.

On a side note, yesterday was day 5 of no cigarettes for me!(YAY!) I'm really looking forward to hitting one full week in the next couple of days, Tuesday to be exact, but that can all wait for my Thursday posting. I hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful Sunday, and if you have sun shine enjoy it even more.

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