Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fun...Some assembly required

IMG_7109, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Yesterday while driving Binky Sue out to the college I noticed that the park was filling with trailers, and figured I would drive through and check it out on my way heading back home. The trailers are all pulling in because it is time again for the Fun Festival in town. Today we drove through because they are doing the some assembly required to...well to everything. All the trailers with "City of Fun Shows" on them and my thought today was a lot of the people out there working don't look like they are seeing the fun with this whole thing. Wait that is because they are working on the some assembly required part of the show, and I don't imagine that climbing the outside ring of the Fire Ball ride is all that much fun on a pretty wind day. I also can not imagine that trying to get the 70x30 canopy tents set up would be all that much fun either. By this weekend no one will think twice about those things though because everything will be up and running and there will be real fun to be had, and lots of yummy carnival food to eat. While I do hope to get out and get some night photo's of everything all lit up, I will once again be skipping on heading over to the carnival though. When what will seem like the whole town converges into Veteran's Memorial Park, I would rather be anywhere else.

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