Saturday, July 21, 2007

Watching the storm roll in

Monsoon brought us one heck of a storm last night. High gusting winds, a lightning show that was great to watch after you made sure that everything electronic was turned off and you were in a safe place, and thunder that rumbled the very walls of the house.

It was the as the storm was rolling in that had me a little worried, and fascinated. This morning in the paper they are reporting that it rolled in from the east, but after being outside at the time it came rolling in, I would say this thing came at us from all sides. The scariest part of it rolled in from the east. You could see the several different levels of clouds as it came rolling in and there was a counter clockwise rotation going on with the clouds as they came in last night.

The first two pictures were shot looking towards the east of us, and were shot about 5 minutes apart. The second two are shot facing the west and shot about the same 5 minutes apart. It was amazing just how fast this storm came rolling in. Even better was the fact that in about 20 minutes it dropped our temperature 20-22 degrees.

Having grown up in Nebraska, seeing a storm like what last night brought to us I would have expected tornado warnings. Arizona doesn't really get tornadoes though, in the three years that we have lived here there has been only one that touched down. The really bad thing is though that one never was even warned about, because...well just because it never was. They are such a rare thing to have happen here that they don't do warnings for them. Which is why when the sky started looking like it did last night, we stepped close to the outside to keep an eye on the sky. This storm cause several highways to be shut down here last night and caused a couple of deaths. It was a very impressive storm, but I think we can pass on another one like for a little while.

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