Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good day for pictures

The girls and I made another trip out to Garden Canyon today. Still not a drop of water in the creek, but we saw more life around it which mean here shortly the water will be making its way down the Huachuca mountain side and filling it again. Tons of spiders, lizards of several different types, and birds. In the last three years of making trips out to the canyon I have seen that when the creatures start drawing near in number the water is soon to follow. But another day of being able to walk and explore the dry creek bed was good.

The funniest thing to see is a tiny lizard scaring all of us as if finally runs. I'm glad that I had the telephoto lens with me plus the zoom on the camera, because there was no way this little guy was going to let me get closer to him. I'm also being very kind and not posting the pictures where you would have to play "Can you spot the lizard?" Because it was difficult enough for me to find the little guy in all of the camouflage he had going on today.

I've got more picture to share, mostly of the girls who really tried to get me to leave them out in the canyon this morning. No, I didn't leave them...but the thought sure crossed my mind a couple of times while I was breaking up fight after fight between them. I think I'm getting my first signs that it is a good thing that school registration is next week and that they head back to school on the 8th of August.

Okay, everyone have a good end to your Wednesday.

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