Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday...Which means time for felines!

If you sit at my computer desk you need to be aware of something lurking in the shadows. It's Eclipse, and if she is having a great timing day she will put her eyes up real close to look up at you when you just have forgotten that she is under there. Since I tend to set a drink there most of the time, that is how she gets me the best. I forget she is curled up down there, and then grab my cup of coffee, or tea and much to my surprise there are the eyes looking out at me.

Angel wasn't as interested in posing for anything this week. She was way to busy chasing down that fly that got in the house, and she just couldn't believe that Mom had actually killed it. So she was looking for it, and looking, and looking.

Okay it is Feline Friday over at Steve's again. So head on over and check out all of this weeks felines.


Everyone have a good weekend!

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Marlene said...

What a great photo of Eclipse! When I sit behind my laptop at the table, I have feline company in the chairs next to me. And they also follow every move I make.

Angel after a killed fly.;) Poor girl! Haha. We let our cats kill the flies.

Have a wonderful weekend!