Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Outting at Garden Canyon

I'm still working on my photo's thing here, which is fine since I have pictures from yesterday to work with that no one has seen yet. We made it out to Garden Canyon finally and were able to walk a couple of trails out there till we heard a huge noise in the brush that we could see just what had made so much noise. Without Todd around, I chose to not stick around out there because I know at the base of the mountain it could be just about anything for wildlife.

The wild fire area from a couple of weeks ago doesn't look to horrible. We were all glad that it didn't burn up to much of the area. The creek is bone dry and we were able to walk along that for must of our time out there. With the monsoon getting started here I'm hoping to get back out there in just a couple more weeks and see if it is filled with water.

Since we weren't finding a lot of wildlife, the girls were more than willing to do some showing off and posing for some pictures out there. It was a good couple of hours out in the fresh air and the cooler Arizona temperatures that have set in because of monsoon being upon us. I'm hoping that later this week after my Nennie gets back home finally that we can all head out there again and see if we can find anything interesting.

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