Saturday, July 28, 2007

Need some rain?

We have more than enough rain to share right now. I think we might actually be going for breaking our record high we hit last year. Yesterday in just a few minutes of rain coming down the whole street was flooded and up over the curb for the water level. We have pools of water everywhere!

The first two pictures are out the front door yesterday. Lots of rain and at one point in time we couldn't see across the street it was coming down so hard. We stayed in the front patio till the lightning started striking right across the street from us.

The last two picture are out in the backyard this morning. Our ravine area has become a rushing rapids as of this mornings rain here. Even have the waterfall up by the stairs for getting to the school. Our green is getting even greener with every day that passes here. I just hope that we get a couple of days here soon with no monsoon rains so that the flooding doesn't get to out of control.

I thought about making a trip out to Garden Canyon to see how high the creek is now, but since for the first time ever I'm seeing tons of water in the back ravine, I'm pretty sure that the washes on the drive out to the canyon would be flooded and probably blocked off to keep people from trying to drive through. I really don't want to be one of those stupid motorist that has to be rescued from a wash, so I will just stay home and listen to the rushing water in the back yard.
Everyone have a good safe weekend!
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