Friday, July 20, 2007

Beautiful Eclipse

Eclipse and I had a great photo shot this week. First she was willing to come out of her hiding spot, then she was willing to be pet and brushed, which always lead to her purr starting and then it is good to go for grabbing the camera because she isn't going to leave the one who is paying so much attention to her. Add in the fact that I opened the back patio door so we could sit and watch the birds...well she was in kitty heaven right here on earth!

I was a little worried while doing the pictures about stability of my hold on the camera. She had me sitting at odd angles to get the pictures of her, after all she cant make it that easy on me, that just isn't a cats way at all. Chose my marco setting on the camera and just hoped for the best with the pictures. I was very happy to see that not to many came out washed out due to all the bright light flooding in the back screen door. Only had a couple, but even those I liked due to her black and white coloring. On my side bar you can seen on that was flooded with bright light and washed her out just a bit, but I like the effect on her.

It is Feline Friday time again, and this in my first one from over here at what I'm pretty sure is my new home. Since it is kind of early for Steve to have posted Feline Friday yet, I'm just going to post a direct link over to his place today. So don't forget to drop in over there and take a look at not only all the felines but the stuff that he posts daily. Everyone have a great weekend!


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