Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Monday

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I'm trying to keep posting on a regular basis, but before I over kill it with kitten photo's I guess I can pull from the cell phone photo file.This picture is from the day that we marked the placement of the house on the land. I have tons more pictures of the land and pictures of the house but since we are in a state of limbo waiting on banks to finally do title releases for the sellers, I just don't want to post those yet. What is funny about the waiting game is everyone said things like "Oh VA appraisal can take long time", there was the added worry about job status for Todd with the shake up of the contract world on base, but no one saw this hold up coming. It is an issue of one bank putting a lien on the land that should not have been put on it, and another bank not wanting to do their partial release for the well easement. My excitement about the house has gone up and down with each weeks updates. We are very scary patient about waiting for this though. It is one of those things that no one could have seen coming, and everyone has been working very hard to get this cleared up. The awesome news about this whole thing though is because our contractor owns the land, he has been working steadily getting the foundation done and everything else that he can while we wait. I think a great anniversary gift this Thursday would be to hear that the releases are done and then the house can be set on the foundation. This is actually one move that I just can't wait to make, for now we wait in limbo.

I hope everyone has a great Monday.

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