Monday, September 27, 2010

Look what I bought Ma!

Look what I bought Ma!, originally uploaded by torri_g.

YES!! I know this may be difficult to believe but this little girl of mine has been at least half of my insane back and forth driving for about a year now. Well that ended today as of 4:50! Steph is now the proud owner of her very OWN Suzuki Vitara. The best part of this used car is that she got financing all on her own! The dealer said she had to be the luckiest young lady he has ever met. She may have car payment now, and a little bit of a list of things that she needs to get done or buy...oh and let's just not even talk about that car insurance now but it is all her's. She saved the down payment, she did it all. Best look you will ever see as a Mom is when they look at all the paper work that has just their name on it.

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