Friday, September 17, 2010

Feline Friday

IMG_0318, originally uploaded by torri_g.

We live in a vortex of constant kitten cuteness here anymore. Miss Mina showed off her future posing skills a couple of nights ago and I dare you to say that you aren't currently saying "AWWWE!"

The cuteness is just their cover to keep them out of trouble since they are now in "Kitten Ninja" phase of growth. Running, jumping, climbing, fighting, escaping are just a few of their ninja moves that they have just about perfected. My favorite though is the team effort to climb and get paper towels out of the trash can. Then the one left on the floor grabbing them and running with them to the kitty condo to hide and protect them from me. We have entered the never a dull moment with these three little miracles.

Everyone have a great Friday and hey if you have some cute furball pictures that you want to post and and leave a link in comments maybe we could get this back up and going again.

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