Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking time

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I'm back again to play a little bit of catch up. Seems like I'm always playing catch up here anymore but hopefully I will learn to get that balanced back out this summer. Let's start with the picture first then I will move on to all things "G" country.
One of the two expected baby horses arrived this past Saturday and I was thrilled when I got the phone call about it. Paige and I rushed over to see the 10 minute old baby girl and loved watching her get acquainted with those very long legs of hers and her Mama. Mama horse is a first time mama and did a perfect job of helping her new little one get going, and protecting her.

The end of the school year came last Thursday and graduation was that night. I have pictures to post from that, including a very emotional wreck Paige getting a huge hug from her Dad. Project graduation was skipped because she just couldn't get past the emotional state that the whole thing left her in.
The busy last week of school lead to a very busy weekend and finally this week there was a bit of a crash and catch our breath. I think on Monday this whole family redefined doing nothing and being lazy people.

Yesterday Todd left for Atlanta, Ga for his TDY and the girls and I went out and did some summer wardrobe shopping and dinner out. Today is the day that we all try to get into a summer routine. Steph is working every day and Friday will be her last day at one of her two jobs. Paige is taking this week and next as a break and getting herself focused before making phone calls and getting in contact with some people about doing ride alongs this summer with horse vets. Thanks to some new friends she has a good list of people to contact and see about learning more about the field she really has a passion for. Cheyenne is is going to keep me busy running this summer with a baby sitting job that anyone would love to have...well the pay is what they would love to have. She also has some DECA activities that will be going on and there is a summer AP reading list that we need to get the books for.

The rest of summer is going to be filled with horse back riding lessons, hopefully some swimming and whatever else I can come up with. Since we are looking at Todd having to travel every month this summer I'm thinking about planning some day trips with the girls when they aren't working to help pass the summer time. Oh and hopefully sometime this weekend the second baby horse will make its appearance so we can enjoy seeing that one get going in the world too. It has been a crazy last couple of months and I have never so looked forward to summer vacation as I have this year. Even with the busy of still having to keep on schedule it will be far less than what it has been.

Opps I almost forgot to mention something...Steph got another scholarship from her Lion's Club so now it looks like her first two years of college will be taken care of with a little bit of help with books from us. No student loans! Just so you know try riding home in a car with her after she gets that news! I'm still pretty sure that the car floated home with her in it that night.

I hope that everyone is doing enjoying their week and have a wonderful Thursday!

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