Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When the horse puts you in time out!

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Paige and Cheyenne had riding lessons this morning and I am completely blown away by their progress! Chey with only three lessons has just about caught up with her sisters, and Paige stepped it up a couple extra notches today too. Bob...who is the lesson horse...did have to let Paige know one time that she wasn't as in control as she thought she was. Instructor had Paige drop the reigns and do nothing but use leg to control Bob and the first couple of tries led right back to the same area of the arena...the GATE! See Bob by this point in time would have loved for the lessons to be over and since Paige wasn't using enough leg he picked his own direction and what he wanted to see done. The exercise was great for Paige though because she finally got the legs going and made Bob do what she wanted him to do.
Both girls were introduced to show maneuvers today and I can say that parking the horse on the bridge looked very difficult but both girls got it done. Paige was happy about being able to get to take Bob up to a cantor today with no lead line today, which was a huge deal for her.

Tomorrow Ms. Steph gets to go for her lesson and I can't wait to see the look on her face with how much her sisters stepped up the game today for lessons.

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