Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sibling Sunday

Fall Festival of Color 2009-1, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I'm just not keeping up here as well as I would like to the last couple of weeks. I'm going to try this week though and I have a good amount of new photo's to share even. I've been trying to get myself and my camera out for short bursts of time to relax and the never ending attempt to get my mind to settle some.

Anyway this is sibling day not about me time. The Fall Festival of Color was this weekend and I have to say that the girls and I were a little bit more than disappointed. We do understand that the wind played a huge roll with this weekend and why they couldn't do a lot of the things, but this morning was perfect and to only have two balloons show up for the early morning ascension was just sad.
Sweetpea and Little Bug went out with me for the Saturday night glow, which wasn't to was just cut short due to the winds. We wandered around the park and listened to some pretty good music, and bought some to expensive treats, but it was for a good fund raiser so that is good. Yes Little Bug is still on those crutches! No I didn't make her go and walk all over creation with those, she wanted to go! Tuesday we finally have an appointment for her to be seen now that everything Tricare has been straightened out. I'm guessing x-rays are something that is needed, and that she is going to have even more time on the crutches since she still can't put any weight of any kind on it.

Sweetpea had a good week and says it is really feeling like her senior year now. Of course what could help make it feel real finally? The order for the cap, gown, and announcements was turned in Friday. Hold on let me get my best happy going on here....woohoo. Nope not working, oh well maybe later. I am excited for Sweetpea and this being her year, it is the cost of everything that leaves me less than thrilled. We went with a smaller package this year and are not far below what was spent last year. Oh yeah and they increased the sales tax which was just wonderful! It is done though and that is all that matters till April/May time period. Sweetpea's Friday was made even better because of progress reports coming out and her having very solid good grades this time.

Binky Sue is feeling the stress of juggling school, work, home work, life. She completed her middle school observation and is trying to get her high school and elementary school time jump started, to bad no one seems capable of calling her back. So the plan for this week is go directly to the schools. Yes, she is planning a sneak attack called just show up in the office and see what she can get done. She has started making sure to take time on what seems to be her one free day of Sunday to enjoy things. Be it spending time with family in the wee hours of the morning for the balloons that don't show up, or spending the afternoon hanging out with a friend at the mall or just at their house. The art of taking time to decompress is what she is quickly learning. Oh and last weekend she for the first time complained about why do the weekends go by so fast!

Alright that is all that I can think of to write about for the girls this weekend. I hope that everyone is doing well and has enjoyed a great weekend spent with those you love the most. I'm going to try to at least post new pictures every day this week. Hey any entry without words would probably be great after this long rambling thing.

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