Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just a thought

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I would love to have just one clear thought this week. Heck I would love to be able to type one word without having to hit the back space key! I know it is only Tuesday and there is still so much left to this week, but I've already had enough! Dealing with Triwest has left me this way, and the joy of all of it is I still need to get an appointment made for Little Bug this week, and still can't get anyone to deal with me. JOY!! This morning was a couple hours of my life either on the phone or in the local office that left me with the feeling of I'm just not speaking the same language or the right one. Of course I'm not sure what would be the right one. I do keep hearing the following words though..."Well you do have coverage it just isn't the one that you paid for, but the good news is that we will retro-activate it to the first of November!" Oh and that is great, wonderful and any other number of things but...we paid for prime coverage and I expect prime coverage and the difference is that until that retro-activation happens we have standard coverage and that means deductibles to pay and that pesky extra 20%, and then pray that you will reimburse for it after the retro takes place. Hmm...and we bothered making sure that we took care of all of this before why???? Little Bug is still in pain and can't put any weight on her ankle and I still can't get anyone to set an appointment with her till this is all fixed! Great!!

Yep I'm a bit on the pissed off side of life here this week. I'm actually having thoughts of bad things that can be done with a set of crutches...to bad Little Bug needs those to be able to get around with! My next thought is that come Thursday morning I'm taking Little Bug to the MTF and just walking in to see the Dr. that she saw last week. It is Dr. R who Little Bug has seen for the last 5 years, and I'm sure hearing the tale she would be more than willing to share a few choice words with some people about all of this.

Alright, I'm done venting for now. I hope that everyone is having a good week so far.

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