Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Falling behind

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It is turning out to be one of those kinds of weeks here.(Yet again, like always) I'm finding that every time I think about trying to get out with my camera for a couple of hours that something comes up and but an end to that real quick. This week has been a sudden fluctuating schedule with Binky Sue, tons of other stuff, and oh yeah Little Bug. Little Bug is in a partial cast as of yesterday. No she didn't suffer yet another injury, it is because of the ankle injury from two weeks ago. She finally got off of the crutches last week and moved to using the air splint when she felt she needed it. Well, yesterday was her first day back in PE and after just a couple of steps of jogging she knew something was wrong. Her pain was horrible, and she lost the ability to put any weight of any kind on it. So off we went...well after a couple of phone calls to see if anyone could tell us where "it" was that we needed to go to. Luck was on my side and we got to see Dr. R who has been Little Bugs doctor for the last 5 years. Little Bug is now wearing a removable cast on the leg. It is molded to the shape of the foot and the back of her leg and kept on with ace bandage wraps. She is back on the crutches, and will have to be seen again next week. Without being able to see anything, due to the instant new bruising on the foot and swelling Dr. R believes that it is very possible that Little Bug has a very fine stress fracture, which of course will take a little longer to heal up right. Little Bug is not happy about any of this. She has the note for PE that says nothing until further notice now. She also has the coveted key for the elevator at the high school. Well, she doesn't want it but trust me there are other that would want it.
So busy week and already know that there is another busy week for next week. I still need to spend some time finding out just who we are supposed to take Chey to see, probably going to involve lots of phone calls and time being on hold. I'm kind of wondering if something got messed up with paperwork that we turned in with the first quarterly payment. Right now I know we have the coverage, but not the one that was paid for and we have no listed PCM in system, and we had to pick one before they would take the paper work.

Sorry, I'm rambling now. I'm going to go ahead and toss in with this that tomorrow is seven weeks for me. Oh wait let me throw on here that yes yesterday I cracked and opened that pack that has been sitting here since September and smoked a cigarette. But this time I am still counting all my time, because it was one and seven weeks ago it would have been the whole pack plus some. I'm learning and trying and every day it will just take time and I'm not giving up any time soon. However, I may give in every now and then.

Alright if I get a chance I'm hoping to get out with my camera and get some new pictures, and hopefully I will get a little bit more back on track here.

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