Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guest Blogger Binky Sue

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Continuing with the "What I'm thankful for" and Binky Sue is tonights guest blogger.

Yo! Dis is Binky Sue in the hizhouse! Wat up dawg?

No, just kidding. So what am I thankful for? Hmm, good question. Actually there are tons of things I'm thankful for. But I'm sure you the readers want to stare at a bunch of words that never end so I will try to remember to keep this sweet and simple. Like PIE!

Well. I'm thankful for my family who are always there for me and there to make fun of me whenever I have a blond moment. I am also thankful for all of my buddies out there who are more than willing to drag me out out of my house and do something "fun."

Lets see. There is more. I'm grateful for having scholarships for me to be able to go to college to better educate me and make me a more well rounded being (before the holidays!) I'm grateful that my teachers are the cool ones that you actually learn something from than the ones that make you work, work, work and not understand a thing! I'm also grateful that I am able to see different spectrum's of where my future career will be at. I am also thankful to be in the Lions club where I can make a difference in the community.

Even more stuff. Wow. Don't worry I think this is the last of it! I'm also grateful that I have such an awesome job! Sure the pay is minimum wage and 1% tip of what the house makes. But I think this is a job where I am more than happy to work at. The people there are great and funny! I have wonderful bosses. One of them, she's sweet and awesome and loves peanut butter-applesauce cookies! The other manager likes to poke fun of me. Seriously, is there the words ,"TARGET" or "EASY PREY" on top of my forehead? And the final one....well he doesn't talk much, he does help me out when the place of my work does get busy. Hey! At least he is not the type who likes to yell and scream.

Okay I call it quits. your brains have probably has had enough! Thanks for reading.

BYE! BYE! Binky Sue OUT!

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