Tuesday, October 19, 2010

House Update

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Yesterday I got a phone call from M asking if I had pictures of the house. Me have pictures of the house? Only a ton of them! He wants to use the photo's for a collage of start to finish for the office and asked if I would continue to take pictures of the process. Wow...I don't know if I can deal with having to take as many pictures of the house as I want. So of course that meant grab my camera and head over to the property and shot tons more pictures! It worked well because we also got an update about progress on the build. Inspections were passed for septic and water yesterday, electric will be out Wednesday to finally put up the pole, transformer, and run the line, oh and install the meter! The picture is in the morning room where the french doors will be going in at, which is just about ready for those doors now. The master bedroom retreat room has been prepped for the door that will be going in there and there has been quiet a bit of dry wall work done already this week.
I'm sure today is going to be the sound of the bobcat moving dirt back to fill the holes for the septic lines and probably the completion of the electric trench. There is also tons of dirt to move back into place to cover all but about 6-8 inches of the foundation that will be getting moved. Walking around the property you have to be a bit careful because suddenly you hit very soft spots right now which catch you off guard for dirt here in Arizona. I also found myself getting very excited with the thought of the soon to be completion of this and our move. How sick is it to be happy about making a move?

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