Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Catch Up

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Alright let me play catch up from the last couple of days. Due to paving being done on a bridge in Huachuca City, our contractor and the seller of the house could not get a permit to transport the house Thursday. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on the topic because the whole thing just triggered a great irritation for me. Fingers crossed for Tuesday since the paving project was finished as of last night.

Kittens had appointment last night and it turned into the marathon appointment of 2 hours! Great news though they tested negative for FLV/FIV! They got round 2 of their respiratory immunization and got their first round of the FLV/FIV immunization. In three weeks we go back and finish up. Dr. M was amazed to see how very big they have gotten and was oh so very happy to see them all. By the way we love Dr. M because she is just the best ever! They all weight about 2.8 pounds now which is huge difference from their just barely 3 onces when Dr. M first saw them at 4 weeks old. All three kittens spent time loving up on Dr. M last night and I think it was done in hopes that she wouldn't give them any shots.

Todd got back home from Colorado yesterday and I'm looking forward to having him home for what should be the whole week because of all the hours put in during this TDY.

Chey is happy that this coming week is fall break and is going to enjoy having the whole week off plus her birthday come Friday.
Monday Paige and Chey are going to go help their horseback riding teacher move a horse. A horse that we are renting for the next six weeks! Paige is going to be learning all things needed for training and working with a horse. Four days a week for 4-6 hours a day this is what she will be working on for the next month and a half. She is very excited about learning and working with this horse. I think her bigger hope is that maybe this could lead to a more permanent thing with this horse.

I believe that is all that I wanted to catch up on for this post. I will try to get my camera and get some pictures and get back into the everyday posting for this week. Have a great weekend everyone.

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