Monday, August 9, 2010


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Wow it has been almost a month since my last post! I'm not going to go into any ramble about reasons, enough to say that life has just been very busy here in Arizona.

What I am going to do is introduce some kittens! July 20th we found an abandoned litter of kittens under the back patio. After a lot of crawling around in the mud and having to dig a couple out we had 6 very newborn, very premature kittens to either care for or get quickly to a shelter. We opted to care for the kittens since things that morning were very bad for them. Warming, running out for food, and the journey with the litter of 6 began. When they first entered the house they weighed 1 oz to 1.45 oz as the heaviest.

In the first 36 hours we lost 2 of the kittens, hearts broke and tears were shed but the girls and I stepped back up to keep going and to keep fighting to give them all of the love and care that we could. They had ups and lots of downs, but nearing two weeks we still had 4. Then two of them made another down turn, which we all did everything we could to help them fight, one turned back around but one didn't and died just after passing the 2 week mark. Even more tears this time because the hopes were that we could get her to turn back around. A vet visit to have them checked for general health and any suggestions for things that we needed to be doing proved to be annoying because the vet didn't have any good suggestions other than maybe we should just give up! We didn't and aren't giving up though.

As of today they are all 20 days old and tomorrow marks their 3 week old day. They have all opened their eyes, they are starting to attempt walking instead of the crawling drag. They are 5.70 to 6.73 oz now and eating like mad! The are snuggling up when they are done being fed, starting to clean each other and you, and they are beautiful! The girls and I remind each other each day that there is still a chance of losing them, but that is just to keep one another prepared for the possibility of heart break. We each have the determination to keep fighting for these little ones and will do it for as long as they need us to. Perry, Lucky Lucy, and Mina are all very loved!

If you want to see more picture of the kittens from the last couple of days click on the photo and it should take you to my flickr set of them or use the following link.

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