Sunday, August 22, 2010

The G Boys and Girls

The G Gang, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Several years ago while we were home visiting family we lined the little G gang up for a photo in Oma's front yard. If I am remembering correctly at that time there were 7 of them. A couple of them were very difficult to keep in the shot because they were little and didn't want to stay still or be touched by older siblings who were trying to keep them in place. That original group has grown up, 4 have been added (if I am remembering right Panda wasn't in that picture yet was he Connie?) and I find it funny that the two holding the twins were the one's having to be held themselves for the last photo. We did have one missing though because she had to stay in Arizona for work, but I'm going to see if I can do some photo magic and photo shop her into the picture.
It is amazing when all once little ones tower over you! They are a wonderful group of young ladies and gents and just for good measure we still have a couple of those very little ones in the group to enjoy.

I hope that everyone has a great Sunday spent with those you love, because those are the moments that make your heart smile.

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Mom of 5 Gents said...

You're right on, Theresa! Panda was not in that picture. Still so glad you came and we got to visit for a little while. Big hugs to the young lady that was left behind. Miss you all already!