Sunday, July 11, 2010


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I have managed to yet again take a couple of weeks without posting anything. I think the idea of trying to post daily is for now just not something that is going to happen, I was really hoping for that though.
Summer vacation for the girls has turned out to be just about as busy as the school year was this year. Stephanie is working just about 40 hours a week and is on Monday going to attempt her drivers test one more time. Fingers are crossed for Monday because that will mean come fall term she can just take the car for those night bad the rest of the day hours are going to keep me in the car till we get her a car of her own.

Paige this week became a part time student and I couldn't have been more proud of her. She will be taking art classes this fall and she has been on an excited high about it all since Thursday. She also put in a couple of applications for some jobs and is hoping that soon she will hear.

Cheyenne has been busy working the Summer Cruise at the high school this past week and will work it again this coming week. Hard to believe that we are only about a week away from back to school registration time. She still needs to get her summer reading book for her AP class but finding time to sneak into a book store is proving to be a bit problematic. I'm hopeful though that this week will be the time that I can get her there and knock that one off of the never ending long list of things to get done.

In the area of us buying the house and land...well the paperwork has moved into processing phase and I think the only one's moving quickly with getting requested paperwork into them is us. The appraisal was ordered a week ago and everyone is waiting to hear a date for that one. There is a need for an address for the property which it doesn't seem to have one because it has never had a house built on it, just a huge garage for storage of cars and other toys. Plus add to that the fact that the one who needs to get that info was on vacation since before the 4th of July! This week it was nice to hear the sound of SSVEC out on the property starting their work of digging for running lines for the pole, transformer and pedestal. I have also heard the current owner of the property who just happens to be our contractor out there clearing trees, brush and digging holes for septic. I realized that I love the sound of this construction because it is for something that is going to be ours.

I really don't have anything else for this one. I hope that everyone is well and enjoying summer. I'm no longer going to make promises to be back daily, but I will try to post when I have a free minute or two.

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