Sunday, April 4, 2010

Should be sibling Sunday

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Hold on a minute...I'm making another post in less than a week's time? Yes I am! I am trying to deal with my posting issues here. My biggest issue right now is that my internet is great for things like browsing the web or sending e-mail, but for uploading pictures to my flickr account it is painfully slow! Painfully slow tends to not work well for me so I keep just closing things down and walking away. Which of course will lead to nothing being posted. Tonight though I have made myself sit for the upload and I am going to post a real update about family.

Let's see how about we start with Ret. Army Guy. He had a good share of this last week off because of getting back from his TDY. Since he was off he helped me with some projects out in the back yard, and getting the last of some stuff moved over to storage. We also took a day to just go shopping for a few more new clothes for him. There are a couple other pieces for his work wardrobe that I would like to make a trip up to Tucson to buy, but he is pretty set otherwise. I enjoyed our day of shopping because it had been such a very long time since we had done that. Then again I loved working out in the yard with him for the same reason.

The girls...they are still the girls! The school year is running down quickly, and I think all three of them are starting to look forward to summer vacation. Oh and it is April which means that it is time for family and friends to look at portraits of Sweetpea and start thinking about what you want. I will probably send links back out to everyone in about a week or so. Don't worry though Sweetpea will be making her choices for what will go out for anyone who just can't narrow it down.
I know that I should probably have more to type about the girls but to be honest if I wrote down every thing I would still be typing come tomorrow morning, and I really just don't need to do that.

As for me...I'm loving finally having the feeling of being settled into the new place. I'm really loving living out here and I'm starting to pick my camera up more often again. I find myself smiling contently most days, and love the sound of laughter that has started filling this house. From birthday last year to birthday this year there isn't a whole heck of a lot that hasn't changed, but here I am on the other side of it all and finding that I really do love just how it all has gone.

Alright...I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Easter spent with those you love. My goal for this week it to make myself sit daily and do an upload of at least one picture. Fingers crossed that I can not pull out any hair in the process!

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PG said...

my flickr uploads have been painfully slow the last few days too. It's driving me nutso.
(came across your site doing a search to see if others out there are seeing slowness on flickr too).