Monday, April 26, 2010

Late snow

Late April Storm in AZ, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a photo taken Friday after all the rain, snow, and ice stopped. I spent a good share of the day wondering if I was actually in Arizona that day. Our last winter storm usually comes in conjunction with the Easter weekend. I guess this year mother nature thought that one wasn't enough so mixed up a good one for us. It was very pretty at times, and once the snow stopped and the sun finally got to come out from behind the clouds that had been hiding it for three days the snow was gone in about an hour. Almost all of my plants faired well with the cold, just some mild pruning of some that got a little cold burnt on leaves or flowers.
I'm just hoping that we don't have another storm like it this week. Warmer and windy would be fine, I don't want to risk another windy and wow cold with the plants.

I hope that everyone has a great Monday and that the week brings great things to all of us.

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