Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Start

Sunrise, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Odds of today's sunrise looking like this are pretty slim since the storm finally rolled in and it is pouring down rain. I finally got the desktop set up so I could get pictures downloaded off the card in the camera, and next is hanging pictures and other things up in the house. Which means that I'm about done! I still need to move some things over to storage, but that is going to depend on just how much rain this storm dumps on us here this morning, because if it dumps to much the road will be like driving on soup.

It is the best feeling to be just about done with this. I still think a cross country move is easier, but since I no longer have plans of making that type of move I will just have to deal with the stress that a local move brings from here on out.

I shot the sunrise picture earlier in the week and my thought other than "how beautiful" was "new start". We are done! I know that retirement was November 1st but moving was the final tie. Now yes, Todd still works on base...but it all feels different now and I like that. So here is to a new start and all that may come our way!
I hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful Sunday.

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