Saturday, January 23, 2010

Interesting weather

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It has been a very interesting week with weather here. We have had everything from rain, to sleet, to snow, flood warnings, tornado watches, sever thunder storms, dust storms and repeat for most of that list. Oh and I forgot ice. This morning there was a fine coating of ice on things here. We did have pretty clear blue skies again for the first time in a couple of day though so I really didn't care about the ice being here, it didn't last very long. I loved the ice on the tree though and had to make sure and get a picture of it.

Other news...we will be moving in February! Movers are set to come in and start the packing on the 8th and come the 10th they will load the truck and drive it to our new place and unload. So in between running kids here, there, and everywhere, I'm trying to get the house set for that. We signed the lease Friday and they gave us the keys in advance so that I can get back in and see about getting some measurements. The girls are going to head over with me and get to see it for the first time and of course do the picking of their rooms while we are there. This way come the 1st of February we can start moving some things over to the new place. Even though it is a local move which I dislike greater than any of the cross country moves we have made in the last 20 years...I am really excited about this move. The lady that we have dealt with for renting the house has been wonderful, and has gotten us all the answers for every question we have asked. The owner even though we haven't meet in person as of yet, has been equally wonderful.

Anyway, I'm bordering on going off on a very long ramble here tonight, so I'm going to end here. Everyone enjoy a great Sunday spent with those you love.

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