Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy busy

To say that things have been busy is a bit of an understatement at this point in time, so let's go with crazy busy to describe life here in Arizona. I'm just happy to have time to sit down and catch up on some reading of my favorite blogs and heck even e-mails! Binky Sue started back to school this week and her daily schedule is insane right now. Balancing work and 14 credit hours is going to be a fun thing for her this term. Sweetpea and Little Bug are doing fine with the start of the second semester at the high school, and are starting to add lots of extra things to my already full calendar. Speaking of my of yesterday I did a bang up job of adding lots more to it myself. We found a place to rent and will be moving in February! For any family thinking about coming out to visit, be ready we are now going to be on one of those wonderfully marked dirt roads that Arizona just loves oh so very much. Of course if you don't want to try and find us we can just meet up at Buddy's bar or they can just give you directions out to us! No joke...everything for dealing with the rental is taken care of out of Buddy's Bar. So family that has already been out here might be able to have an idea of about where we will be living come February. Whetstone area, at least a good mile plus before you hit the lights on the highway for mustang corners. We have been calling it our "country ghetto" home. I think the dealing with having to go to the bar for paperwork and all other things is what got that started. I've laughed so hard and had my girls ask me to stop lying to them about that. No joke here though people. It is bigger than what we are currently in. Older house but not as old as what we are living in. Oh and Oma we are going to have horses in our front yard area! About maybe 40-50 feet away from the front of the house is where their area starts. I'm super excited about all of it except for one thing...of dogs and cats we can only have three. We have 4 and a hard heart breaking choice has had to be made. Unlike others that I have called about though the animals are allowed to live in the house and not outside the house. Angel is the fur baby that we are going to find a new home for because I think of any of them she would deal best with change. We have a house full of hurting hearts right now though because of it. I would have loved to find a place for all of them to go with too, but time has kind of run out and we need to get moving.

So mid February is the time frame that we are looking at being moved from here to new place, which means things for the next month is going to be very busy. There is tons to get done and starting this weekend is the great go through the house and downsize stuff that is no longer being used, no longer fits, or just is no longer needed. Hubby and girls will probably not be real thrilled with this but it is one thing that I have always loved about moving time. A clearing of stuff that has just been stuffed away for a later that never comes. I've already started making some phone calls about Sweetpea and Little Bug for school and I'm happy that they can stay right where they are for the rest of the school year. Tomorrow we will give housing 30 days notice which I honestly can not wait to do! This is it...the final tie and I don't know about anyone else in the family but I'm more than ready for this one. Oh just in case I didn't mention it I will have no neighbors right on top of me!! Country ghetto here I come...well as soon as we get deposits paid, lease signed and all that good stuff at Buddy's bar done next week!!
I hope that everyone is doing well, staying warm and safe. Have a great Thursday and take care.

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