Sunday, December 4, 2011


IMG_6141bwc, originally uploaded by torri_g.

There are sometimes that you just need to step away and hide for a bit. The last several months have been just that for me as far as blogging goes. There have been lots of changes since July, lots of stuff going on and basically I just didn't feel the need to blog about most of it. My photography work taking off in ways that I never really imagined. Stephanie and a heart condition. Life in general...Todd having to leave for Afghanistan, just to be able to have a job. Lots of stuff, and lots to adjust too.
I'm not really sure why the sudden break of my blog silence today, but maybe it is a sign that new and current normal is finally settling in. How long it will last is the real question though. It may be hit and miss but I think I will try at least, because I do have a lot of photo's to share.