Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Forgotten Barns of Iowa

Forgotten Barns of Iowa 1, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Sorry about the delay in posting yet again, but there was a medical emergency with my oldest. She is out of the hospital and while we really don't have an answer as to what or why, I'm sure that we will because her PCM is working very hard towards figuring this all out.

Anyway, old barns is going to be the theme for the next couple of days. You know the one's that you look at and wonder just how in the world is it still standing. Once upon a time the old barns were a dime a dozen, but with new highways built to bypass the very small rural towns, they are more difficult to find. You have to get off of the highway and onto the back roads and dirt roads to find them anymore. They have been replaced with the shiny new metal barns that require less maintenance. While yes that makes sense, there just isn't the same look that an old wooden barn has. I know that change happens and that change is usually good, but give me an old wooden, broken down, don't know how it manages to keep standing barn any day. There is something to be said about keeping reminders of the past and where it started that far out weigh the new shiny look.

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